Is it Time to Try an Outbound Call Center?

July 15, 2016

How do you know when it’s time to look for a partner who can assist with call center support? Start here to assess four key metrics to see if your dealership could benefit from partnering with an outbound call center. 


1. Volume Management: Are your team members able to manage outbound efforts

Our Call Center is designed to be an extension of your sales team. Let us make the calls your team isn’t able to make.

2. Phone Skills: Is your team prepared with the skill set necessary to maximize every opportunity?

We provide effective, custom scripts with one-to-one customer information that improves connectivity and drives more traffic to your showroom.

3. Performance measurement: Are you measuring your team’s performance and does it need improvement?

Our Call Center Dashboard tracks all calls by volume and time of day. It’s easy to identify appointment confirmations and campaign status. We believe reporting transparency is the key to building a strong partnership with dealer clients. This approach to reporting allows the Call Center team to make smart adjustments to ongoing campaigns and maximize results.

4. Results: Do you need to fill your showroom with more customers?

Sales campaigns with a strong message and filtered customer data can reach 5% - 15% appointment set rates. Service campaigns with strong OEM, recall, or special offer message can reach 50% – 65% appointment set rates. Examples of sales campaigns with proven results include our top equity max campaign:

Equity Max:

  • We’ll schedule appointments with your highest valued customers
  • We have a proven vehicle exchange message that delivers appointments to your showroom
  • We’ll access your CRM and review that customer’s history to personalize each call
  • We’ll put detailed notes in your customer’s client record after each contact
  • And, we’ll provide real-time alerts to your management team on ALL sales opps

We do the heavy lifting! Starting a new campaign is easy. All data is processed and loaded for each campaign. Call Center script writers develop a fresh, customer-focused message. A launch call is conducted to ensure dealership branding and campaign message are accurate. The final step is to confirm the schedule for customer transfers, manager email alerts, service schedule policies, and request permission to launch the campaign.

Dealer Spotlight: But don't just take our word for it, watch Jeremy Eisenberg, GM of Ganley Bedford Imports, discuss his success of 670% ROI with the CallRevu Call Center.


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