CallRevu's New Rapid Learning Videos

September 9, 2016

CallRevu believes that workplace training doesn’t have to be boring for employees, a time-burden for managers, and a budget concern for organizations.

Single-concept learning is a paradigm shift for training and developing people. The classic corporate training model emphasizes efficiency; it assembles a large group of people and teaches them multiple learning concepts at once. Single-concept learning emphasizes effectiveness; it teaches one concept at a time, which vastly increases the likelihood that the learning will be retained and deployed successfully.

Employees will tell you that most training is boring and too long. Managers will say they don’t have the time they need to coach and follow up on training as much as they should. Those insights led to the creation of a rapid learning system that:

  • Puts employees in control of their phone skills training needs
  • Accountability for performance
  • Aligns with specific areas of opportunity drilled down and integrated with goals/performance from employee dash– very custom approach!!
  • Gives managers the tools they need to easily integrate training into daily operations
  • Supports training departments and makes financial sense


With CallRevu’s new point-of-opportunity training videos, employees can watch quick 1-3 minute videos to gain an in-depth understanding on specific concepts, aimed towards improving the caller’s journey one step at a time.

On your Employee Report Card, you will now see a play button next to each phone skills rating. With this addition, your employees will be able to focus on mastering one skill at a time, increasing the likeliness that the training will be retained. 

 For specific questions on our new rapid learning videos, contact your Performance Manager to get a deep-dive into these new videos!

Check out this rapid learning video on obtaining contact information below!