CallRevu Partnership Promotes Automotive Customer Experience

December 13, 2017

From a couple of dealership employees listening to calls in a basement to the shiny office building we now call home in Timonium, it’s safe to say we have come a long way. What began as a way to determine the effectiveness of a dealership's mailer has transformed into the data-rich interfaces supported by machine learning that help dealerships drive higher sales.

CallRevu now serves over 3,300 dealer locations and partners with twenty global automotive manufacturers. Along this incredible journey to becoming the leader in automotive dealer call management software, we turned the heads of the tech-savvy investors at Serent Capital with our stellar customer satisfaction, strong growth, and high retention rates. Now our dedicated partners, we’re collaborating with Serent Capital to drive continued product innovation and growth.

promote automotive customer experience

How does this help dealers provide a better customer experience?

Since inception, CallRevu has focused on one thing – improving car buyers’ experience at the dealership. Our partnership with Serent will allow us to take this commitment to the next level. We’re looking out on the technology horizon and these are just a few of the amazing ways we see auto dealers using their call data on CallRevu.

More Sales

A system that can tell sales managers when a they’re about to lose a deal because it can instantly identify negative sentiment words such as “unhappy,” “need to speak right away,” “disappointed,” etc. in a phone conversation.

More Service

A system that can send opportunities to the service department when it hears a word like “recall” on a phone conversation. Auto recall management can serve as the manufacturer's continued commitment to the consumer and a proactive approach to recalls will promote loyalty to your dealership.

True Personalization

A system that listens to every conversation knows your customers best. Use this data to discover new buyer questions, product problems, and customer sentiments without having to comb through conversations.

Better Connection

A system that actually understands your callers, in any language, is better at routing calls. Reduce lost calls, dropped calls, and calls sent to voicemail by letting your customers tell the system what they need. With the right processes in place, every call will be connected with the right person in less time.

The ability to analyze call data sets in real time is an essential addition to your phone process, no matter what set up you have for answering calls. Receptionist, cradle to grave, BDC or a mixture of all -- every dealership can benefit from immediate use of the call data that is readily available.

At CallRevu we are committed to helping dealers create a personalized, relevant, experience for their callers - ultimately providing the best customer experience on the phones and in the dealership. Supported by data-driven performance coaching and skill training our unique approach to call management is what is setting dealerships apart from their competition.

Now partnered with Serent Capital, we look to the future and our goal remains finding ways to continue to innovate and deliver even more value to our customers. For a glimpse into what knowledge a wealth of phone call data like ours can provide, download the 2017 CallRevu Fix The Phones publication: