Monitoring vs. Transcribing – Selecting the Right Call Management Solution

September 27, 2016

Time is the new currency with today’s consumer. They want you to move as fast as they do. The Smartphone powers the consumer’s pace today, and with the world at their fingertips, they expect information quickly and transparently. With the plethora of choices that the average Google search provides, they have a zero tolerance for those solutions that don’t support the pace at which they want to move.

For those who become the lucky recipients of their click-to-call, you’d better be prepared to deliver…or suffer the consequences. The caller’s expectation is the same as the caller’s search expectation; information quickly and transparently. Dealers are becoming acutely aware of this more and more today, as much of yesterday’s showroom traffic now comes to them in the form of a phone call.

So, how do you know if you’re delivering against the customer’s expectations? After all, you can watch what happens with a showroom up, and intervene if the process strays off path. You can read what happens with an internet lead and chime in if necessary to save the deal. So it goes to reason that you’d have the same level of visibility to one of the most critical communication channels today, the phone.

Tracking your phone calls is no longer the “secret sauce”.

Many dealers have taken the first step and partnered with a call tracking provider to record their calls, but history has proven that dealers listening to all those calls from beginning to end in real-time is just not a viable solution in today’s automotive dealership. With that in mind, many dealers have sought out a call monitoring solution to be their ears and provide them feedback on their caller’s journey, while alerting them to when calls are mishandled or mismanaged.

So, what should you look for in a call management solutions partner to ensure you gain the kind of 20/20 vision of your caller’s experience required to be considered with the 21st century consumer?


A clear, accurate, and concise transcription of your caller’s journey. Truly understanding your caller’s journey requires visibility to all your calls, good, bad or indifferent. Can you guarantee you will receive a summary of every call, with details including what department was requested and if there was an appt set? Can I log in and see a transcribed call in the last hour?

Data, data, data.

Make sure that your provider can deliver and extract a wealth of data from your calls to help craft a blueprint of your caller’s journey. This information will help you act intelligently in support of continuous improvement. Make sure there’s a robust reporting platform that allows you to access information quickly and seamlessly, highlighting all ad sources, calls, and appointments.

Clear Vision:

Does the reporting you receive give you clear vision of your ad provider’s performance?  How many calls did you get off of that ad source/tracking number? Were they Parts, Service or Sales? Did you set an appointment?


Make sure your provider can deliver real-time interactive text alerts to the first responders in your dealership when the call goes off track. Minutes count here!

Think about it: If 30 seconds is too long for the average caller to sit on hold, how long do you think they’ll wait on you to call them back?

Local Numbers? Texting?

Are you provided with local numbers to tag all your ad sources with? Do they provide you with text-enabled lines to meet the current demographic where they want to be met? Can I see my customer’s response to your team’s outbound calls? 65% of my outbound calls go to cell phones, are we able to see the text responses?

Improvement is Significant:

Are you provided with a solution and system that helps your team improve the caller’s experience? Is there a training solution for all departments that is easy to access, provides current and relevant curriculum, and does it provide a reporting component for you to track and measure your call handler’s progress?

Every Call, Every Department:

Is every call listened to from beginning to end, by an automotive trained agent? How will you advise me of post-sale ‘trauma’ calls?

Be cautious being offered, “We listen to all of your calls” or “We monitor all your calls”.  This is often a play on words and in the end, it doesn’t deliver the visibility required for the dealer to save deals today and improve their caller’s experience.