CallRevu Drillable Reports Seamlessly Embedded into ELEAD1ONE CRM

May 16, 2016

One Login, One System = No Problem

In this fast-paced world, the more simple something is, the more desirable. What seems like the littlest things, that 10 years ago we never would have noticed, drive us insane to the point where we want to pull our hair out or punch our computer screens if it gives us anything more than a one-second hold time.

The technology that is invented daily has made us want and need things immediately. Remember the old AOL dial-up? Can you imagine having to go through that now when starting your computer?

We can’t even stand watching commercials anymore. Everything has to be recorded or watched via on-demand so we do not wait for even 3 minutes. “Walking Dead starts at 9 tonight, but I will start it at 9:30 so I can fast forward through the commercials.”

If you want something, you just have to have it now. Need.Instant. Gratification.

Patience is something of the past.

The benefits of having your call data and your leads in one place, with one login, are undeniable. How would it not be beneficial to save you time? Using interactive, embedded reports and data integration can simplify your current process and empower your people to gain deeper insight into your phone data, including your phone ups that are awaiting your next move.

Make the switch necessary to save your precious time. Find a way to have your data and analytics you need in one location. Make faster, more informed choices to save your current or potential customer before it’s too late and to beat your competition.

CallRevu's Drillable Dashboard Provides More Actionable Call Data Than Any Other Provider. Now Embedded in ELEAD1ONE CRM:


To learn how CallRevu and ELEAD1ONE have teamed up to produce their seamless integration of CallRevu data into the ELEAD1ONE platform with one login, click here or request an upgrade of your CRM today.