Automotive Software Company Announces Release of Industry-First Phone Health System with Alerts

January 30, 2019

Announcing Industry-First Phone Health System with Alerts

CallRevu, the automotive solutions company that monitors and monetizes the caller’s journey from call to purchase and post-sale, announced today an industry-first Phone Health monitoring system with alerts for release to all of the company's customers in March 2019.

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Tenured CEO Joins CallRevu

January 16, 2019

We’re pleased to announce that we have appointed Anthony Giagnacovo as CallRevu’s new CEO.

Anthony’s appointment is a clear reflection of the company’s current state: ready to take on the future and fired up after another strong year of growth thanks to you! CallRevu is poised for major expansion in the automotive call monitoring space and we’re excited for what Anthony’s 25 years of global software and technology experience can do for us. There is enormous opportunity that lies ahead, and we couldn’t be happier with Anthony joining our family and helping us and our customers achieve continued success.

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CallRevu Announces National Fix the Phones Month

May 1, 2018

CallRevu announces the latest volume of Fix the Phones, a best practice resource and publication for the automotive industry, will be released on May 15th in support of National Fix the Phones Month.


CallRevu, a leading call management solution for the automotive industry, announces the Fix the Phones Vol. 5 publication is set to be released on May 15th and is promoting the month of May as National Fix the Phones Month. Fix the Phones is a publication for every automotive professional to download at no cost. Its contents include automotive specific data measuring every touch point of the caller’s journey and best practices to fix common call fail points. Fix the phones is a resource for the automotive industry to ultimately ensure that every call between a customer and a dealership is a positive interaction.

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CallRevu Partnership Promotes Automotive Customer Experience

December 13, 2017

From a couple of dealership employees listening to calls in a basement to the shiny office building we now call home in Timonium, it’s safe to say we have come a long way. What began as a way to determine the effectiveness of a dealership's mailer has transformed into the data-rich interfaces supported by machine learning that help dealerships drive higher sales.

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Google Offline Conversions are Driving “The Why” in Paid Search Strategy for Auto

May 30, 2017

The day web marketing was born, so too was optimizing for it. The recent trend from desktop search to mobile search has driven a rise in phone calls and with that increase in calls has come the attention to offline conversions, specifically appointments set on phone calls created by paid search campaigns. Leading dealer groups like Asbury are shifting their attention within Google Analytics from clicks to calls. “The data contained in the call recording tells us why the customer searched on the keyword phrase they submitted. Previous to harnessing this data we were limited to only what they were searching” says Miran Maric, Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Asbury Auto Group. CallRevu helps its clients shift their digital strategy off of what car owners are searching for to why car owners are searching. This shift is changing search strategy. And the timing could not make this shift more relevant.

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Monitoring vs. Transcribing – Selecting the Right Call Management Solution

September 27, 2016

Time is the new currency with today’s consumer. They want you to move as fast as they do. The Smartphone powers the consumer’s pace today, and with the world at their fingertips, they expect information quickly and transparently. With the plethora of choices that the average Google search provides, they have a zero tolerance for those solutions that don’t support the pace at which they want to move.

For those who become the lucky recipients of their click-to-call, you’d better be prepared to deliver…or suffer the consequences. The caller’s expectation is the same as the caller’s search expectation; information quickly and transparently. Dealers are becoming acutely aware of this more and more today, as much of yesterday’s showroom traffic now comes to them in the form of a phone call.

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CallRevu's New Rapid Learning Videos

September 9, 2016

CallRevu believes that workplace training doesn’t have to be boring for employees, a time-burden for managers, and a budget concern for organizations.

Single-concept learning is a paradigm shift for training and developing people. The classic corporate training model emphasizes efficiency; it assembles a large group of people and teaches them multiple learning concepts at once.

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Is it Time to Try an Outbound Call Center?

July 15, 2016

How do you know when it’s time to look for a partner who can assist with call center support? Start here to assess four key metrics to see if your dealership could benefit from partnering with an outbound call center. 

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CallRevu Honored with 2016 Dealer Marketing Magazine Technology Leadership Award for Call Tracking

June 9, 2016

CallRevu is very excited to have been awarded the 2016 Dealer Marketing Magazine Technology Leadership Award for Call Tracking. Congratulations to fellow award winners and thank you to the dealers that recognized us with this prestigious honor!

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CallRevu Drillable Reports Seamlessly Embedded into ELEAD1ONE CRM

May 16, 2016

One Login, One System = No Problem

In this fast-paced world, the more simple something is, the more desirable. What seems like the littlest things, that 10 years ago we never would have noticed, drive us insane to the point where we want to pull our hair out or punch our computer screens if it gives us anything more than a one-second hold time.

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