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Posted by Peter Falkowski on Nov 15, 2013 10:53:00 AM

Trackable Phone Number Features:  Call Allocation and Hunting

The phone can be a huge profit leak for your dealership if you don’t implement the right processes and take action on the data available to you. CallRevu is always excited to help our clients get the most of our features, and our expert Account Managers are always happy to provide the right training. The enhanced features on our lines work just as hard as you do to increase revenue and keep customers coming back. In this blog, we’d like to tell you about the benefits of Call Allocation and Hunting to increase the percentage of your calls connecting to the people in your dealership.

With Call Allocation and Hunting, CallRevu significantly increases the percentage of your calls connecting to a live agent. When you use this enhanced feature, you minimize your “No Connects,” and “Missed Callers.” This means more customers get through to sales and service agents in your dealership. Of course, this means more opportunities to increase revenue and get customers satisfaction up.

When you choose this feature, you won’t settle for transfers to voice mail and downed local lines. As you communications partner, CallRevu’s goal is to deliver every call you deserve. In the event of a ring-to phone number being down or ringing to a busy sales agent, your call can still be connected using CallRevu’s enhanced Allocation and Hunting feature. Possible income? Higher customer satisfaction? We know so.photodune-5384780-woman-with-a-headset-xxl

The Benefit of Call Allocation

Allocation allows you to assign multiple phone numbers to receive calls from one CallRevu line and define the percentage of calls that go to each phone number. Remember, this is department specific! When your switchboard is experiencing issues during the next big promotion, more staff can now be assigned to handle the large call volume. CallRevu makes this easy!

The Benefit of Call Hunting

Hunting allows you to send a phone call to multiple lines in succession until the Caller reaches a live agent. Your CallRevu line can be set up to ring to a smart phone mobile, allowing your Sales Team flexibility in tasking. CallRevu lines allow phone calls to ring to the next available agent. Ensure your Callers do not connect with voice mail!

Best Practices of Successful Dealerships

What do the most profitable dealerships do best? They answer the phone and connect the customer to the right person. With CallRevu’s Call Allocation and Hunting features phone calls are answered and directed to the right people. Managers often find themselves asking, “Why doesn’t anyone answer the phone?” or, “Why doesn’t John answer more calls?” With Call Allocation and Hunting, you can set up the phone handling process in the most efficient and effective manner that works profitable wonders for your dealership…John does answer the phone!


CallRevu Saves Your Calls—a Case in Point

At a certain dealership, the sales team did not always answer the phone in a timely manner. The phone at this dealership rings directly into a Sales Queue, if the customer choses the Sales Department from the phone tree menu. This dealership was struggling with a high number of customers not reaching an agent.

This dealership implemented the Hunting Feature and had the phones ring to the Sales Queue three times and if not answered, connect over to the operator who then spoke to the customer and found an available sale manager, or sales agent, to take the call. Warm transfer. Win-win.


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